My little spy

Last week was half-term, so with one thing (Lola) and another (Mina), I didn’t get much writing done, hence the brief hiatus on the blog.

Half-term is great because it means that Lola is at home. This has twin benefits, namely (1) Mina and I get to spend more time with her than when she is at school and (2) I have a second pair of eyes and ears to ensure that Mina doesn’t ingest any Lego (oddly, the second born always goes for the foodstuffs when she attempts to consume Lola’s Lego – the pretzels and the strawberries are particular favourites; it’s as if she knows).

What I don’t get much of is time alone with Lola. During term time when she is off getting an education and Mrs Burge is at work, Mina and I are a veritable crime-fighting duo, never separated, keeping the streets of Ealing safe. However, it’s rare that just Lola and I get to do anything together.

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Tales of our adventures in the big wide world

This article appeared on the Daily Telegraph website under the title ‘What a stay-at-home dad learnt when he took his children out on his own‘.

Like my articles in the New Day, there are some points of variance between my original and the final published article.  I suppose that’s the newspaper editing process for you though.


With two months of shared parental leave under my belt, I thought I’d cracked the whole caring for my daughters thing. Then Lola, my four year old, broke up for the school holidays.

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Penetrating the heart of darkness

Who can say what goes on in the mind of a child? Even if you were to fill a conference centre with child psychologists and ask them to agree some key principles, I bet you’d only ever get part way towards a satisfactory answer.

It has gradually dawned on me that spending more time with the girls doesn’t directly correlate with gaining a better understanding of what goes on in those cherubic little heads of theirs.

Being eight months old, Mina’s concerns seem to centre on her next source of milk and/or food; what’s nearby that she might shove into her mouth (closely linked to the first point); and whether I’m about to put her on her stomach again in an effort to encourage her to crawl.

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Week two

Week two?

Where did week one go?

It’s a question I’ve been asking myself. Where the hell did it go? I kind of missed it.

Last Monday was my first day in charge of Lo and Mini (you’ll notice they are never Dolores and Wilhelmina – we intentionally gave them names you could play with, tweak and manipulate) and primarily consisted of me dropping Lola at school, playing baby games with Mina for a few hours, then picking Lola up from school and taking her to her drama class. Reading that back, it sounds rather monotonous, particularly because I did pretty much the same on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. But the days whipped by in a way they never have when I’ve been sat at a nondescript desk in an office in the City.

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