I’m Ian and, for the purposes of this blog, I’m a dad. I’m a few other things too but this blog is largely about my two girls, Dolores (Lola, almost 5) and Wilhelmina (Mina, almost a year) and my time as their primary carer.

This is a step into the unknown. My wife, Alix, took 19 months off work when Lola was born and spent the first seven months of Mina’s life at home. Traditionally that’s how it’s done after all. But there’s been a push in the UK for more dads to share the load over the past few years and with the law changing in April 2015 to make it even easier for dads to take time off to look after their kids, I thought I’d give it a go. Call me a feminist in bloke’s clothing if you like.

O, yes, I’m also putting bits and pieces on Instagram if you’re interested, and have written about my experiences for the Daily Telegraph, the Huffington PostMumfidential.com and The Motherload, as well as a series of ten articles for the print edition of Trinity Mirror’s short-lived The New Day.


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