Lola lets it go

This isn’t the blog post that I had lined up for this week, but occasionally something so earthshattering happens that it bulldozes everything out of its path and muscles its way to the front of the queue. Such an event played out in our kitchen this morning.

I’d assumed it would be a normal day, and it had been up to the point where Lola, Mina and I sat down to eat breakfast. It was then however that Lola, holding a flaccid triangle of fried egg on her fork midway between her plate and her mouth, elected to make her declaration:

“Daddy, I don’t like Frozen anymore.”

She delivered the statement with such jarring nonchalance that she could have been asking for a cup of juice.

For the avoidance of any doubt or misinterpretation, it’s worth repeating:

Lola no longer likes Frozen.

Elsa and Anna

Lola in more Frozen-friendly times.


Let me put this into perspective. This is akin to Nigel Farage saying he’s had a good think about things and is no longer particularly keen on the idea of turfing out immigrants. Like Kanye West saying he’s got over himself. As if Pope Francis had stepped out onto the balcony at the Vatican and said, you know what, this Catholic gig isn’t working for me, it’s time to move onto something else; Islam, for example, that’s a religion I could really get into.

In short, a bombshell that rattled my worldview. I now feel sympathy with those who lived through the Copernican Revolution and had to get their heads around the reality that the earth isn’t in fact at the centre of the universe.

Lola’s reason for spurning Elsa, Anna, Olaf and the gang after all this time? Her best friend has decided that she doesn’t like Frozen. Because that’s how it works when you’re four years old, isn’t it?

Consequently my heart is weighed down by a certain sadness today, the sense that something that I naively assumed to be immutable has disintegrated before my eyes. My little girl is now less of a little girl than she was when she woke up this morning.

Those of you who are wiser and more knowing than me (or else have already been through this with your own kids) will ask: how could you not see this coming? How could you possibly imagine that the status quo would be maintained indefinitely? In truth, I didn’t, but as I’ve got to know Lola a little better over the past few weeks, it’s struck me that although she might believe she’s grown up and is tugging at the lease to become a big girl, she really isn’t yet. I know this will all change in an instant but my wife and I are hanging on while we can.

On the plus side, two things. Ever one to play Devil’s advocate, in light of Lola’s revelation I suggested that we could now purge the house of all Frozen-related paraphernalia (something in itself which would invariably free up sufficient room for us to relieve some of the pressure at Sangatte). This idea she baulked at, sweetly pointing out that she could still change her mind (a woman’s prerogative after all) and decide that she likes it again. With Frozen 2 slated for release in a couple of years’ time, who’d bet against it?

Let’s not forget little Mina either. No doubt we’ll go through all this with her too. She’s never seen Frozen, but as the ginger-haired Anna to Lola’s blonde Elsa, I suspect she may be a fan when she’s old enough to appreciate it. I will surely treasure those couple of years.

And for those of you concerned about the financial position of the Disney Corporation, fret not. When I asked Lola what she liked now, she was quick to respond. Apparently Beauty and the Beast is where it’s at.

On hearing this I felt a sense of relief. Old Walt’s ghost hasn’t entirely relinquished his grip of my daughter yet.

For the time being I can still refer to her as my little girl.


4 thoughts on “Lola lets it go

  1. Please tell Lola she is welcome at mine any time to watch Beaty and the Beast. I like this very much.


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